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We offer Islamic Education:
> Nazirah/Tajweed (reading of the Qur’an)
> Qur’an & Arabic Language
> Seerah/History of the Prophets
> Theology (Imaan, Ibadaat & Akhlaaq)

Welcome to MEC Sunday School!


Registration: Sunday, August 28, 2016 between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, at MEC, Morton Grove, inshaAllah!

First Day of School: Sunday, September 18, 2016 from 10:00 AM and 2:10 PM

We will keep you posted with reminders and other updates, inshaAllah!

Please contact me if you have any question(s).

Fee Amaan Allah

Javed Bhatty
Principal, MEC Sunday School
(847) 922 5943

Registration is open for all grades 1-10.

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Typical School Year:
> 1st Sunday following Labor Day weekend in September through 2nd Sunday of June.
> Closed during summer.

10 am through 2:10 pm (including mandatory congregation Zuhr salaah) on Sundays.

1st through 10th. A typical 1st grader is at least five years of age at the start of the school year, and a typical 10th grader is approximately 15 years of age at graduation.

8601 Menard Ave, Morton Grove, IL 60053.

Subjects Taught:

  • Nazirah/Tajweed (reading of the Qur’an).
  • Qur’an & Arabic Language (Surah & Du’a memorization along with meaning, and introductory Arabic Language)
  • Seerah/History of the Prophets (with emphasis on Prophet Muhammad SAS), and other Islamic history (including history of Khulafa-e-Rashidun, Abbasids, Umayyads and Ottomans).
  • Theology (Imaan, Ibadaat & Akhlaaq; i.e. Islamic beliefs and practices).

Special Events during the School Year:

  • Qirat Competition.
  • Surah Competition.
  • Seerat-un-Nabi Celebration.
  • End of the year Annual School Day (Students’ recognition, Academic Achievement Awards and Graduation Ceremony).

Study Guide
Study Guide

The students can check and download the Study Guide.

Home Work
Mar 2016

The students can check and download the Home Work.

Apr 2016

The students can check and download the Home Work.

May 2016

The students can check and download the Home Work.

Jun 2016

The students can check and download the Home Work.

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